Batteries Go Down

Dispensers that rely on batteries to operate require regular and timely maintenance. This is an added expense as well as a hassle.

Save Money

Average price 1 gallon (3785 ml) Hand Sanitizer Gel: $25.00 – Average price for the Touch Free dispenser Refill 1200 ml: $25.00 – Save MORE than $60 per gallon.

Lower Maintenance

Most replacement refills come in 1,000ml or 1,200ml while our pedestals hold up to 3,875ml (1 gallon) allowing for lasting uses between refills.

Go Green

Reduce the use of plastic by using a refillable bottle. Avoid the use of multiple small containers. Our dispensers are Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly.

Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser

Foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser designed to prevent cross contamination.



Hands Free

Check Point Terminal

Temperature measuring and hands free sanitizer. Face mask alert and door status triggering (open/close).

Hands Free Sanitizer

Foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser designed to prevent the possibility of cross contamination.

Floor Graphics

Certified slip-resistance Social Distancing floor decals communication with original concepts.

COVID-19 Prevention products

We develop full 'Communication Systems' that merges critical information along with brand positioning. Our goal is to create a unified and creative message that integrates your brand guidelines with the CDC recommendations to avoid COVID-19 spreading. We specialize in creating signage with original concepts that promote your company / institution objectives.

we create the 

 right communication 

 for your business

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